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Green Tile

UNE-EN 1338


  • 40 x 40 x 10

The SUDS line of tile (sustainable urban drainage system) allows water to soak into the ground therefore being beneficial to the ground below. The humidity created and stored in these tiles stops them from overheating in the summer months, avoiding deterioration of lawns. Resulting in optimal conditions for growth of vegetation and generate  a better microclimate. Maintaining a natural cycle of water in areas adjacent to  gardened areas. Unlike surfaces like asphalt or stamped concrete, decreasing the temperature, reducing heat island effect. Economic paving system. Supporting traffic from light vehicles. 10 cm thickness. Appropriate for car parking zones, buildings decks. 100% capacity of rain water absorption. Without causing puddles and of easy maintenance.

The grooves on the base allow for the installation of pipework for irrigation. Reduces damage caused by flooding. Economical and cost saving from drainage and sewage systems. Possibility of crushed stone filling.

In all, a excellent ecological balance.