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To be able to guarantee the best quality and at the same in compliance with standards UNE EN, and market certificate according to CE directive 89/106/CE of construction standards (mandatory compliance since March 2005 without which these products could not be marketed in any of the countries in the European Union), even more,we have implemented a Quality System ISO 9001-200 in all our departments: administration,production,analysis and treatments of products,customer service and after sales service. Paviments Lloseta also has it's own laboratory thereby having autocontrol,where we test different batches of fabrication to ensure our standards and indicated recommendations. Said department also controls the quality of our raw materials (arids,pigmentations,additives etc.) without which we couldn't guarantee the success of our products.

Periodically we perform tests to corroborate our results. The laboratory of Paviments Lloseta and it's personnel are always on the search for new materials and products,to increase our lines of investigation. Always developing,always innovating. We peform the most extreme tests on new applications for the protection of our paving,to increase resistance of the materials,with the aim to better satisfy our customers.
Paviments Lloseta has five lines of production and three surface finishes and the most uptodate modern machinery to satisfy the needs of our customers.