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Silent cladding

UNE-EN 1793-1
UNE-EN 1793-2


  • 396 x 100 cm con 1 cara vista
  • 396 x 100 cm con 2 caras vistas


  •  396 X 100 CM  with  ONE FACE SIDE
  •   396 x 100 cm   with   TWO FACE SIDE

Designed to eliminate noise contamination both in situ or passing noises of road traffic. They are vertical barriers that are placed between the place of emision of the noise and the receiving element, in this way the amount of noise that reaches the last point is diminished.

The noise absorbing panels consist of a matrix plate of structured concrete and another of porous concrete with a high quality of absorption. The sound waves are introduced into the slits and reduced by a rubbing effect.

They can be produce in different sizes and colours, adapting to the surroundings of each area.

The advantages of the concrete silent panels compared to other types of barriers made from different materials are:

Durability of the insulation properties over time.

Structural durability.

It’s capacity to resist chemical and physical actions.

There is no maintenance required.

Their grooved finish is less attractive to graffiti.

Produced in different colours, adapting to the needs of the surroundings in every area.

Adaptable to unlevel surfaces.

Adaptable to factory works.

Avoids risks to drivers as the lights from vehicles doesn’t reflect off it’s surface.

SILENT cladding panels have been tested in the acustic laboratory Applus+LGAI, in accordance with the rule

UNE 1793-1 of acoustic absorption and th rule UNE 1793-2 of insullation, we have panels with categories A2/B3 to A4/B3. Treatments are optional.