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UNE-EN 13748-2


  • 34,5 x 15,3 x 4,2 cm

Bitone is a paving produced exclusively by Paviments Lloseta and characterised by it’s bitextual (smooth or shot-blasted) finish. For it’s form, dimensions and thickness the pieces are perfectly intertwined and secured to the ground, permitting the passing of the occasional light vehicle. The combination of the two textures gives an aesthetic visual effect with the contrasting live colours and a smooth or lesser bush hammered finish. The character anti-slip is obtained thanks to shot blasting on the surface together with the grooves on the base side which form their own design. The self polishing material and self clean enables the conservation of it’s beauty and original colours. Bitone can also be produced with a totally smooth finish or a shot blasted finish.

All it’s characteristics make it’s placement very suitable for walkways, boulevards, terraces, public squares and entrances to commercial centres.